Bill Cunningham New York

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Within Mademoiselle C, an old friend made a cameo appearance, photographer Bill Cunningham. I watched the documentary 'Bill Cunningham New York' last week and there are undoubtedly connections between both the documentary concerning Cunningham and Mademoiselle C. Much like Mademoiselle C, within the documentary there is a strong focus on Bill's personal life and his character. This is executed far better than within Mademoiselle C as the insight into Cunningham's life comes from fashion professionals and muses of Cunningham's adding a certain depth to the documentary. This combined with the fact that these individuals, and the glamorous world of fashion, are very much the binary opposites of Cunningham's very ordinary life and character which makes the documentary all the more fascinating.

Although Cunningham is a leading figure in the fashion industry, the documentary almost gives the perspective of the industry from an "outsider's" point of view, feeling a little more believable and far more endearing than Mademoiselle C. Roitfeld is very much immersed in the elusive world of high fashion, whereas Cunningham prefers to keep somewhat of a distance, a distance which manifests as his camera. Altogether the documentary is incredibly interesting and heartfelt, providing a wonderful insight into street style and how trends from the runway are filtered down to the masses on the street and vise versa.

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