Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton - a partnership in the fashion world which has never ceased to amaze me. Throughout his sixteen years at Louis Vuitton, Jacobs has managed redefined the brand and its ready-to-wear line, producing fresh and innovative runway shows each year. The pair are also responsible for one of my favourite ever fashion collections, the Spring/Summer 2012 line - a culmination of carousels, creamsicle colours and of course Kate Moss. Thus, I was extremely saddened to hear of Jacob's departure from the brand last year. However, I was more than excited when I was given the chance to watch the 2007 documentary, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, which gives an insight into the partnership of the fashion houses. 

I was expecting the documentary to err on the side of The September Issue, a very serious and polished look into the world of Jacobs and Vuitton, however I was surprised to find that the documentary was in fact the total opposite. Whilst the documentary did give unprecedented access into the world of both fashion houses and their partnership, the main focus was in fact on Jacobs and his creative processes for both brands. Jacobs appears to be the polar opposite of LVMH bosses Bernard Arnault and Yves Carcelle which naturally adds to the documentary's humour, making it a lighthearted watch at times but all the while painting a very likeable portrait of Jacobs indeed.    

The documentary, in my opinion, shows how Jacobs is truly an artist, taking inspiration from everywhere and everything. It is easy to see how over the years he has totally transformed the Louis Vuitton brand, producing innovative fashion pieces and accessories through collaborations with other artists. It was fascinating to watch the design process and build up Jacobs and his team undergo for each brand, whether it be cutting up and artfully destroying garments for his eponymous line or merging several different Louis Vuitton bags together to create the infamous 'Patchwork Bag' for the French fashion powerhouse. 

Jacobs's work ethic and tenacity is undoubtedly proved during the build-up to each runway show and the long hours spent with his team in his workhouse, as well as the continuous travelling back and forth from New York and Paris. He is a man totally focused and driven by his work and who is truly passionate about the industry he works in, something which I truly admire.  

The documentary is a must-watch for any fashion lover as a provides a truly fascinating insight into one of America's greatest designers.

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