Queen Carine

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ah, Carine Roitfeld; the legend herself and ultimate queen of Parisian chic. This woman has always been a muse of mine but having watched the documentary 'Mademoiselle C', I definitely have more  of an appreciation for Miss Roitfeld herself. The documentary gave an insightful look into the fashion industry, particularly that of publications - a sector of industry which particularly interests me. The build-up to the release of Roitfeld's new magazine, 'C.R.', undoubtedly showed Roitfeld's hardworking and tenacious character, as well as that of her team, and how determination and perseverance is key to surviving and making it within the industry.

However, like most documentaries concerning fashion, Mademmoiselle C did glamourise the fashion industry and the characters within it to add entertainment and comedic value for the audience. The documentary definitely had a strong focus on Carine Roitfeld's life and her progression into grand-motherhood, rather than focusing solely on the ins and outs of the industry, and simply brushed over her dispute with Condé Nast which, if pursued, would have added another element to the documentary perhaps putting on a par with 'The September Issue'.

Now for fashion. For most, and certainly for myself, Roitfeld is a huge style inspiration. The documentary certainly inspired me to embrace the effortlessly chic Parsian style that Roitfeld does so well. Her usually all black outfits are so seamlessly put together; pencil skirt, button down shirt and a pair of killer heels. All topped of with a super smoky eye and strong brow. I'm now off to scour Zara for the perfect pencil skirt!

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