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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I'm constantly on the look out for new blogs to read, adding to my already expansive Bloglovin' feed, be that new beauty, fashion or lifestyle blogs.

First up, She's in the Glow, a beauty blog founded by New York-based make-up maven Annie Atkinson. I am still in shock and ever so slightly disappointed with myself that I have not come across this blog sooner. It's everything I love in a blog; beauty musings, product reviews, incredible NYFW backstage coverage and beautiful photography. Atkinson covers the latest make-up trends and beauty products and it's quite clear that this girl definitely knows her stuff (and products), making She's in the Glow an insightful read for any beauty junkie.  

Next is The Teacher Diva, Dallas-based fashion blogger Ashley Robertson and yes, you guessed it, teacher. I first came across Robertson on Instagram whilst looking for Kate Spade stationery - sad but true. This girl sure has one pretty desk space (and quite the collection of Kate Spade stationery), but gosh does she have incredible style, cleverly mixing both high street and designer gear to create beautifully pulled together outfits. Like any pro fashion blogger her OOTD posts are beautifully executed with high quality photography and links to all the pieces she is wearing. With a little beauty and lifestyle thrown in there too, The Teacher Diva is fast becoming a favourite blog of mine.

And lastly, but not least, we have Eat.Sleep.Wear - the personal style blog of Kimberly Pesch and another find through Instagram. Splitting her time between L.A. and New York, fashion blogger and graphic designer Pesch documents her everyday looks with image heavy posts allowing her to showcase her effortless style and chicness in concise daily servings. Whilst I'm not a total fan of the blog design, the content certainly speaks for itself here (and her gold Gucci Soho Disco bag has been added to my wish list). 

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