Object of Desire

Friday, 12 December 2014

This week at uni we were given a brief entitled 'Object of Desire', which required us to create a transformative image that show how ‘desire’ is an integral part of fashion imagery. 

I went with the concept of materialistic desire, a notion often used in fashion imagery, and decided that jewellery was the most obvious way of displaying this - materialism in its most luxurious form. I wanted to display the pieces of jewellery in an obscure and almost surrealist way, so I used my sister as a model and placed the jewellery into her hair. 

then edited the image using Photoshop, changing the colours and saturation of the image to give it an almost soft and rosy 'filter effect' to connote femininity, but also to draw attention to the highlights and shadows on the pieces of jewellery. 

Within our seminar we had to present our work back to our group, explaining the concept and process behind our image and then had to vote for which images made the best use of; concept, colour, post-production and composition. I was extremely thrilled to find out my image won within the category of best concept! 

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