Bite Beauty - The Next Big Thing

Monday, 19 January 2015

Within our course, we were set a brief entitled 'Next Big Thing' which required us to identify an up and coming brand which could be the 'next big thing' and create a visual report for them. This would be a brand that offers a powerful and engaging proposition, an outstanding product or service, is ahead of the grand and deserves to be recognised. 

After some initial research, I decided to focus on lesser-known and fairly new beauty brands with a unique selling point. This is where I came Bite Beauty. I had previously heard about the brand through Anna and Amelia's blogs but knew little about the brand or its products - other than they specialise in lip products. I looked into the brand further and decided it would be perfect to use for this particular brief. 

Bite Beauty is a Canadian-based cosmetics company, stared by Susanne Langmuir, which offers a range of all-natural, high performance lip products. Every lipstick, lipgloss and lip treatment contains only food-grade ingredients which are essentially "good enough to eat". This concept seems quite bizarre at first, but when considering the fact that the average woman will eat between four and seven pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, it would seem almost necessary to use only natural, edible ingredients- why put something on your lips which isn't good for you?
As well as their extensive and healthy range of products, Bite also has their own Lip Lab located in Soho, New York. Here, customers can create their very own custom lip shade and choose from a range of finishes and flavours. Finding the perfect lipstick is an exasperating task, which I'm sure many other women will agree with - we've all spent many an hour staring at the MAC lipstick stand with a rather bewildered look on our faces, feeling overwhelmed with the choice of shades wondering "will that suit my complexion/hair colour/eye colour/match my nail colour?" The Bite Lip Lab helps customers create just the right shade for them - and there's something rather special about having a totally unique lipstick colour which no one else will have, don't you think?
Therefore, I felt that Bite was a truly unique brand, particularly within the already crowded cosmetics market, deserving recognition for its company ethos and on-trend products. Currently, Bite products are only available in America and Canada, sold exclusively at Sephora but hopefully we will see the brand make an appearance within the UK now it has been acquired by cosmetics giant Kendo.

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