Fall In Love With The 40s

Thursday, 29 January 2015

During our reading week, we were required to pick a fashion era and create a mood board based on this. There are so many eras in fashion which I absolutely adore but I decided to go with the 1940s, primarily because of my love for 40s Hollywood actress Veronica Lake. I have always known about Lake, particularly from a young age as my great grandmother would call me 'Veronica' because I had long golden hair and a fringe that would always fall over my eye on one side of my face, resembling Lake's famous peek-a-book hairstyle. I also paid homage to Lake with my prom hairstyle and recreated her classic waves. 

American cinema had a huge impact on fashion during the 1940s, with Hollywood actresses like Lake and Lauren Bacall becoming style icons in their own right, promoting a glamours and femme-fatale look synonymous with the period. 

The 40s are very much divided between the Hollywood glamour, which most of us associate with the era, and the austerity bought about by World War II so I also made reference to this and the impact it made on fashion. Due to rationing, women were encouraged to make their own clothes and, during this time, the majority of women's clothes were modelled after men's military uniform; squared shoulders, double-breasted tailored suits in dark colours, which became staple garments for women during the period. 

By the end of the war, in 1947, Dior created his revolutionary 'New Look', referenced in my mood board, which began to replace the wartime utility fashions in favour of a much more feminine look; billowing calf-length skirts, nipped in waists and rounded shoulders. The bikini also made its debut a year earlier, revolutionising and liberating women's fashion. 

Women's beauty looks remained fairly consistent throughout the 40's; a classic red lip, accompanied by Hollywood waves or victory rolls, also referenced within my mood board. 

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