Stop, Start, Continue

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Having completed my first module of FCP (and it being the start of a new year), I thought it more than appropriate to reflect over my experiences during the last semester. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed FCP so far and love learning about the ins and outs of the industry, as well improving upon my visual communication skills. I very much enjoy blogging as I love writing and always have done and I have also enjoyed documenting pages in my workbook as it allows me to combine my writing and presentational skills. 

On the other hand, what I have disliked is group work. Now don't get me wrong, I know that ultimately any job within the fashion industry will require group work at some point or another, but having had a bad experience with group work within the first module, I have my preconceptions to say the least. Perhaps it may be the control freak perfectionist in me speaking, but I always try to put 100% into everything I do, be it a small or large task, and my mindset has always been, "If you don't do something to the best of your ability then why bother?" So having already experienced being in a group where everyone isn't fully committed, the idea of group work does worry me a little. 

So, in summary, here's what I want to stop, start and continue doing throughout the rest of the course;

- Being so hard on myself: As I have already said, I am a perfectionist and put an immense amount of pressure on myself to achieve the perfect outcome. I need to tell myself that it is okay to fail; often the most valuable lessons are learnt from failure. 

- Reading more: I loved reading as a child and would read nearly every single day. I have an extensive reading list for my course, full of interesting books related to fashion, art and the creative industry which I am desperate to read. Therefore I need to make time for reading before bed like I used to (and get off Pinterest).

- Taking risks: Staying in your comfort zone is incredibly easy and safe, but this semester I would really like to push myself and try to experiment more, particularly in the more creative aspects of the course and try out different techniques, layouts, processes, etc.

- Looking for work experience: Work experience within the fashion industry is fundamental when eventually applying for a full-time job, as it is often the first thing employees will look for; to see that you've had some first-hand experience. This one will be a bit of a toughie for me, what with being at university most days (as well as the commuting there and back) and having a weekend job, free time to sit down and actually look for work experience is a rarity! So I need to find the time before the summer comes around to nab myself some work experience and book the time off work! 

- Blogging: As previously mentioned, I love blogging and have truly embraced it over the last few months. So this year I would like to continue to blog and reflect on my learning during my course, whilst trying to find a direction for TRS, having more of a specific fashion/beauty focus. 

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