Collaborations Loves and Hates

Friday, 27 February 2015

Collaboration is an integral part of any industry, in particular the fashion industry. After a recent lecture all about collaborations and endorsements, here is a run down of my loves and hates.

When it comes to collaborations, MAC have this art down to a tee. As well as their on-trend seasonal collections, the brand are constantly collaborating with a myriad of brands throughout the year, producing innovative and fun limited edition collections. My personal favourites include their collaborations with Hello Kitty, Barbie, Disney Villains and their up and coming Cinderella collection set to be released next month. Their collaborations are always hyped up prior to their release by eager beauty bloggers, resulting in sell-out collections.  

Alexander McQueen & Damien Hirst:
Two icons of British fashion and art, a match made in heaven! In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the iconic McQueen skull scarf, McQueen and Hurst came together to produce 30 unique designs of the scarf. The designs incorporated Hirst's 'Entomology' series of kaleidoscopic butterfiles and bugs reworked to recreate the McQueen skull motif. The result was visually stunning and demonstrates that in order to create a successful collaboration "like" must meet "like"; in this case, the coming together of Britain's most innovative individuals within the arts and fashion industry. 

H&M and Every Designer Brand Under the Sun: 
How many designer collaborations have there been with H&M? Too many in my opinion - H&M collaborations with high-end designers have now become a bit of a novelty. Some of the brand's earlier collaborations certainly worked well, like the Lanvin Hearts H&M collection which bought Lanvin's whimsical designs to the masses for a slightly more affordable price - likewise with the Viktor & Rolf collection. However, as H&M continues to mechanically churn out these designer collaborations, each feels a little more uninteresting than the next and we are essentially left with cheap copies of designer pieces (Versace for H&M *cough cough*), when these collections should be a manifestation of a genuine creative collaboration and process, combining each parties best attributes. 

Kate Moss for Topshop
I sit on the fence with this one. I have to admit I have not purchased anything from any of the Kate Moss for Topshop collections over the past seven years despite Topshop being one of my favourite high-street brands and Kate being one of my all time favourite models, so what's not to love? Well, firstly the price. I felt as though the pieces were extremely overpriced, given they were no better quality than what you'd usually pay for at Topshop. Secondly, until her most recent collaboration with the brand last year, I was uninterested in any of the earlier collections and felt there was nothing really special or very 'Kate' about them. Although Topshop instead that it was very much a creative collaboration with the model and that she had a great deal of input in creating the designs, I struggle to believe this and feel as though she was more of a celebrity endorsement, rather than a collaboration. 

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