My Little Box March 2015

Sunday, 29 March 2015

This month's My Little Box arrived addressed to "Marvellous Miss Rosie Spence"; how charming and very apt considering the theme was superheroes and empowerment! 

As per usual, my box came beautifully packaged and was full to the brim with the essentials for any wannabe superhero! I loved the quaint 'Superstickers', which shall definitely be making their way into my Kate Spade planner for a daily dose of encouragement. Following on from this, I also received this adorable t-shirt with the slogan "I believe I can fly".  

And once again, the beauty products did not disappoint! This month's box came with a multipurpose lip and cheek pencil in a beautiful coral colour (very fitting for Spring), as well as a Caudalie hand cream and the Kerastase Cristalise conditioner which, I can report back after use, is divine and made my hair feel super silky and swishy! 

All in all, another 'super' lovely (see what I did there) My Little Box!

Fragrance Packaging: The Final Outcome

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

After collaborating with the graphic design students, commissioning them to create a logo and packaging for our fragrance, here are the results:

I'm really pleased with the results, I think they truly understood our concept and consumer, producing a logo and packaging accordingly. They really listened to our ideas and also added their own creative input, which was particularly useful. Feedback from them was really positive too as they said our fragrance packing booklet was particularly helpful, containing clear visuals of our concept and consumer; which could be easily incorporated into their mood boards. The only obstacle they came across was that our brand name was particularly long which was difficult to work with in handwritten typography.   

However, a major issue was the lack of time we had with the graphic designers. After only having two meetings with them it was difficult to be able to create something truly innovative, allowing ample time for experimentation. Our group of designers also revealed to us that they had another project hand-in date looming, which meant they were incredibly pressured for time. But considering this, I felt they produced some great work for us in such a short space of time! However they told us they would have loved to have done more with it and take the packaging one step further as they were really interested in our concept. It wasn't clear from the outset how the process and 'collaboration' would work, on either sides of the party, which certainly impacted our outcome and we may add in a few additional packaging elements ourselves because of this. 

Overall, our group of designers couldn't have been more lovely and helpful, it was just a shame our time with them was so short! 

Fragrance Packaging: Initial Ideas

Having spoken to the graphic design students about our concept for our fragrance logo and packaging, they came back to us with several mood boards to show the possible different routes that could be taken.

Idea number one was to really embrace the 'natural' aspect of our product and incorporate this into the packaging with bold and vibrant colours, using graphic floral illustrations. Our graphic designers also identified key works which could be used as a brand name, such as "bloom" and "blossom".

Idea number two was a more 'polished' botanical look, which was far more minimalist but with added elements of luxury. Our designers looked at skincare products for inspiration, as well as classic high-end fragrances. 

We then narrowed down these choices and created a final conceptual mood board, consisting of the images we felt best represented our brand and concept. This is the mood board which the graphic designers will use when creating our packaging. 

Kate Spade Spring 2015 Campaign

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The latest ad campaigns for Kate Spade's Spring collection feature 93 year-old style icon Iris Apfel, alongside model Karlie Kloss. The images are so beautiful and just scream 'Spring-time pretty', but what I found most interesting was how the brand have daringly used Apfel as a central model within the campaign. Considering our fragrance is aimed at a 50+ demographic, I found these images extremely inspiring, demonstrating how this age group is now being represented within high-fashion, done so in a fun and quirky manner and feeling like a breath of fresh air. 

Linda Rodin

After redefining our target consumer for our fragrance, opting for a much older demographic than we had initially decided on, we asked our selves, "Who would be our ideal consumer?" After some initial research, we came across Linda Rodin, 65 year-old style icon and maverick. 

Rodin started out her career as a model but is now concentrating on her eponymous line of skincare products. She has also earned a considerable amount of attention for her impeccable sense of style, modelling for the likes of J. Crew, Karen Walker and The Row. For us, she symbolises the notion that style really has no age, defying the conventions usually associated with the over 50 demographic. Our focus is now; "how can we appeal to this age group, without being condescending of their age?" The answer lies in creating a contemporary classic fragrance, embodying the idea of 'ageless style'. 

Rodin has a painted a clearer picture of our ideal consumer. They are; a stylish city-dweller, an avid traveller, have a penchant for Scandinavian interiors, participate in yoga and Pilates, roam the isles of Space N.K. at the weekend, have a wardrobe full of classic French-inspired pieces from the likes of Whistles and COS (as well as the odd Chanel jacket), they read Harper's Bazaar and The Gentlewoman in their free time and walk their beloved dog. 

I found this quote on Rodin's website, which is a principle she was raised on, "There is beauty in simplicity". I love this and believe it perfectly summaries the premise of our fragrance. 

Brand Building

"The majority of business value is derived from intangibles". Creating a brand is essentially attaching to meaning to something which has no real emotional value; this notion is vital with regard to our current fragrance project, considering the fact that perfume has no true substance without marketing, it is merely just a scented liquid. 
Building a brand is all about creating a brand narrative in order for consumers to have a relationship with the brand in question, tapping into their emotions, memories and experiences. This is the stage we are at with our fragrance; creating a story which coincides with our concept and brand values. This allows us to make promises to our consumers about our product who are in turn likely to believe in its fulfilment, thus fostering an emotional attachment to the product. 

A fantastic example of this is within Mad Men, when Don Draper pitches 'The Carousel'; the idea of nostalgia and memories are paramount within his presentation.

The Evolution of Miss Dior

Saturday, 21 March 2015










Since its inception in 1947, Miss Dior has become a symbol of elegance and freedom for women around the world. Its very first advertisement was designed by RenĂ© Gruau, a close friend of Dior, who continued to illustrate numerous other advertisements for the fragrance, each encompassing the spirit of Miss Dior. Later advertisements incorporate the use of models including Riley Keough, Lily Donaldson, Maryna Linchuk and, most recently, Natalie Portman. 

My favourite campaign was definitely from 2008, shot by Tim Walker. I think it perfectly encapsulated the true nature Miss Dior - French, whimsical, youthful and feminine. The video by Sofia Coppola was just beautiful, perfectly accompanied by Brigitte Bardot's "Moi, Je Joue" and is the epitome of my ultimate dream; running around the streets of Paris, dressed in a pink Dior cocktail dress, sigh. 

Fragrance Masterclass with Karen Gilbert

Monday, 16 March 2015

Last week we had perfume expert Karen Gilbert give a lecture to us on marketing fragrances. We then had the opportunity to make our very own fragrance as part of our project to release and promote our own fragrance brand. 

Karen's lecture was extremely useful, as she knows the ins and outs of the industry like the back of her hand. She provided some priceless information and tips with regard creating our fragrance brand - I particularly loved her "Are you vanilla or pistachio" analogy, helping us decide where we stand in the market; are you mass or are you niche? 

When speaking to Karen about our concept for our fragrance, she helped us to define it and reconsider our target market, in order to really make our brand unique. We were considering a mature demographic as our target market but, having spoken to Karen, she encouraged us to be more specific and target a much older demographic than we were initially considering. She also helped us to make some valuable decisions in terms of packaging ideas and to reconsider our initial ideas. Her advice has really helped us with the further development of our fragrance brand. 

As previously mentioned, we were also given the chance to actually create a scent for our fragrance which I was extremely excited about. As there were so many different scent options to choose from, we struggled initially to decide which scents to include! We wanted our scent to be sophisticated and classic to coincide with our brand values and consumer needs, but neither did we want it to feel ageing. We eventually decided to go with Naturelle and Narcotic for our base notes, a combination of both a fresh and heddy floral scent. We then went for Tobacco as our accessory, which made our scent more sophisticated and musky, preventing it from being too overtly floral and feminine. We chose Moss and Musk as fixatives, to give our scent a lasting 'woody' smell and then finally added Bergamot as a harmoniser to give it a fresh, fruity kick. 

I found the whole process extremely enjoyable and beneficial in helping us to establish our brand values and message, however I would have loved to have a longer session to fully experiment with different scent options.  

Style Icons

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

I am constantly looking for sources of inspiration, particularly in terms of fashion and style inspiration. I can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest looking for outfit ideas and often these ideas come from celebrities. So here's a little rundown of my current style icons: 

Oh, Olivia. My obsession with O. P. has actually reached new heights to the point where I have a Pinterest board just dedicated to her (but with good reason). Olivia gets it right every single time, She keeps her look very polished but boy, does this girl know how to mix her prints, colours and textures which keeps all of her looks looking modern and always on trend. 

I think myself and Mollie King could be best friends, this girl is right up my street. Mollie's outfits are always perfectly put together and often feature high street pieces; a prime example of how you don't always need designer gear to look stylish. 

Blake always looked impeccable playing Serena in Gossip Girl, but the end of the series certainly didn't put a halt to her incredible outfits. Her red carpet and off-duty looks are always on point and it's a no brainer as to why she always makes the best dressed lists. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Vogue Japan

Friday, 6 March 2015

I love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and I also love Barbie. So when the two combined for an editorial in Vogue Japan's April issue I was delighted. 

The editorial was styled by Anna Dello Russo and was photographed by one of my favourite photographers, Ellen Von Unwerth. The shoot features pieces from Moschino's Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection, as well as Chanel and Fendi (love, love, love). 

Unwerth's images are always extremely stylised, feminine and often with a nostalgic nod and this shoot is no exception. Whiteley certainly makes the perfect real-life Barbie in this fun and playful spread.