Brand Building

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

"The majority of business value is derived from intangibles". Creating a brand is essentially attaching to meaning to something which has no real emotional value; this notion is vital with regard to our current fragrance project, considering the fact that perfume has no true substance without marketing, it is merely just a scented liquid. 
Building a brand is all about creating a brand narrative in order for consumers to have a relationship with the brand in question, tapping into their emotions, memories and experiences. This is the stage we are at with our fragrance; creating a story which coincides with our concept and brand values. This allows us to make promises to our consumers about our product who are in turn likely to believe in its fulfilment, thus fostering an emotional attachment to the product. 

A fantastic example of this is within Mad Men, when Don Draper pitches 'The Carousel'; the idea of nostalgia and memories are paramount within his presentation.

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