Fragrance Packaging: The Final Outcome

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

After collaborating with the graphic design students, commissioning them to create a logo and packaging for our fragrance, here are the results:

I'm really pleased with the results, I think they truly understood our concept and consumer, producing a logo and packaging accordingly. They really listened to our ideas and also added their own creative input, which was particularly useful. Feedback from them was really positive too as they said our fragrance packing booklet was particularly helpful, containing clear visuals of our concept and consumer; which could be easily incorporated into their mood boards. The only obstacle they came across was that our brand name was particularly long which was difficult to work with in handwritten typography.   

However, a major issue was the lack of time we had with the graphic designers. After only having two meetings with them it was difficult to be able to create something truly innovative, allowing ample time for experimentation. Our group of designers also revealed to us that they had another project hand-in date looming, which meant they were incredibly pressured for time. But considering this, I felt they produced some great work for us in such a short space of time! However they told us they would have loved to have done more with it and take the packaging one step further as they were really interested in our concept. It wasn't clear from the outset how the process and 'collaboration' would work, on either sides of the party, which certainly impacted our outcome and we may add in a few additional packaging elements ourselves because of this. 

Overall, our group of designers couldn't have been more lovely and helpful, it was just a shame our time with them was so short! 

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