Fragrance Packaging: Initial Ideas

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Having spoken to the graphic design students about our concept for our fragrance logo and packaging, they came back to us with several mood boards to show the possible different routes that could be taken.

Idea number one was to really embrace the 'natural' aspect of our product and incorporate this into the packaging with bold and vibrant colours, using graphic floral illustrations. Our graphic designers also identified key works which could be used as a brand name, such as "bloom" and "blossom".

Idea number two was a more 'polished' botanical look, which was far more minimalist but with added elements of luxury. Our designers looked at skincare products for inspiration, as well as classic high-end fragrances. 

We then narrowed down these choices and created a final conceptual mood board, consisting of the images we felt best represented our brand and concept. This is the mood board which the graphic designers will use when creating our packaging. 

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