Fragrance Research and Concept Development

Friday, 6 March 2015

For our fragrance project, we were required to present our research process and initial concepts for potential ideas. We structured our presentation to show clearly how we used the FCP process in order to reach our potential 'Big Idea'. 

Despite both me and my team member being extremely nervous about presenting in front of everyone, our presentation went down very well! We received some great positive feedback; our lecturers and peers commented our presentation looked extremely professional and that we had undertaken a great deal of research which distinctly informed our ideas and concepts. 

The main piece of advice we were given was to make sure we made our perfume look and feel as luxurious as possible when we come to designing the bottle and packaging, in order to appeal to our maturer demographic. 

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  1. For every project research is must. Fragrance is to attract others. So, here I think deep research is very important. Here just to mention, you should present your perfumes in a smart way.