Behind the Scenes Fragrance Campaign: Studio

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Here are some more behind the scenes photos from our fragrance campaign. Today myself and my team shot some additional images still life images within the photography studios at uni. The purpose of the shoot was to create a flat lay of natural objects which form the 'ingredients' and 'scents' within our fragrance. We didn't have very long in the studio with our photographer which meant we had to be super speedy with our arrangements! However, the whole process was extremely enjoyable and I'm thrilled with the outcome - time to start editing! 

Behind the Scenes Fragrance Campaign: Location

This week we shot our fragrance campaign on location at Wollaton Hall with our model. The Orangery made the perfect setting for our botanical and Parisian inspired shoot, which meant we were able to capture some beautiful images. So here are a few sneaky behind the scenes snapshots!

Creative Concept Presentation: Feedback

The feedback from our presentation about our creative concept for our photoshoot was really positive  (phew)! Our lecturers and peers said that they could clearly visualise our concept because of our mood boards, which outlined our ideas and inspirations, and agreed our concept would be suitable and compelling for out target consumer if executed successfully.

Other comments were that we should consider how our brand name could form the narrative of our campaign and it was suggested that we should incorporate the name "Antoine" to perhaps form a love interest with our protagonist. However, we feel that the notion of a love story would be a little dated and ageing, particularly for our more mature consumer as we want to eradicate the associations that are attached to this age group by creating a stylish and modern campaign.

Our brand name is more abstract, much like the Miller Harris brand, and we believe a physical manifestation of "Antoine" would not cohere with our brand values. "Antoine" is the name of a French botanist and the concept behind our fragrance is that it is influenced by the French botanical gardens and the rich history of classic French perfumery. Thus, "Antoine" is a more of a source of inspiration for our fragrance rather than 'the face' of the brand.

To justify our decision, we asked women who fit within our demographic their opinion on the name of our brand and if they found the concept confusing. All of the women interviewed said they liked the name and were more intrigued by the 'Parisian' aspect rather than the actual name itself. They also said that a campaign revolving around a love story would not appeal to them as most were unable to relate to this, preferring something more stylish and vibrant rather than romantic.

We also feel that a love story campaign would not distinguish our brand from any other fragrance brand already within the market. Instead, we want to offer women and escape to a stylish and chic lifestyle, promoting a sense of independence rather than romance and tradition. 

Fragrance Advertisement Analysis: Feedback

Last week I was given my marks back for a brief I completed before Easter, which required us to analyse a recent fragrance campaign of our choice, producing a 1, 000 word essay in the style of a magazine editorial. I love essay writing, as it has always been one of my strongest skills, so I really enjoyed this brief in particular. The overall feedback was really positive and I was commended for my articulate and authoritative writing, as well as my strong referencing.

It was also very encouraging to be praised for my software skills, despite having only been introduced to InDesign during the start of my second semester! The layout I designed was praised for its effectiveness and creativity, which was very much on brand for Vogue magazine – the magazine layout that I chose to emulate. 

Areas to improve on was my choice of cultural referencing as I missed out perhaps one of the most obvious being the Julia Roberts ‘Runaway Bride’ film, whoops! I think I was almost trying too hard to find historical references and disregarded those that were blindingly obvious! Had I explored the theme of the “runaway bride” within my essay, this would have added a little more depth as I found most of my references were a little tenuous due to the nature of the Dior advertisement.

It was also commented that I should reconsider the links I made with feminism, which I completely agree with. I focused on feminism within my essay as the director of the advertisement, Anton Corbijn, spoke greatly about this within interviews about the campaign and I thought it would perhaps give my essay a little more substance. On second thought, I should have instead explored the narrative class, control and expectation a little further. However, it is quite difficult to explore all of these themes in such a small word limit.

Following on from my feedback, I shall make the suggested improvements to my essay and attempt to keep the word count down! I shall also be sure to continue my strong style of writing and layout skills, particularly within my forthcoming 3, 000 word promotional plan. 

What's Your Mood?

Friday, 17 April 2015

Within our fragrance project team, we have started to assemble mood boards of inspiration for our advertising campaign. We have been creating individual boards based on potential ideas for location, lighting, composition/crop, model and styling by compiling together tear sheets, key words and colour schemes. 

My Little Dream Box - April

I always get super excited for the delivery of My Little Box each month, with each box packed full of make-up goodies and adorable little treats and trinkets. The theme for April was "dream"; an encouragement to set ourselves goals in order to achieve our dreams and ambitions.  

This month's beauty treats had a certain Spring-like/rejuvenation feel to them and I'm all for that! Inside the quaint little canvas bag was the Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating body lotion which contains lemongrass and ginger and smells divine! Also, there was a deeply nourishing hair mask from My Little Beauty which gives a boost to dry and damaged hair - exactly what I need from a hair mask! And finally, I received the Loved by Lou Lesage rouge balm. 

April's My Little Box also came with an adorable stamper which features sayings such as "To do" and "Today I". This will be perfect to use in my Kate Spade agenda to help me organise my day! 

And finally, inside this super cute cloud parcel was an engraved necklace by jewellery designer Delphine Pariente, which says, "Bonne ├ętoile" meaning "lucky star". 

Once again another beautiful My Little Box and, as always, I cannot wait to find out what next month's box has to offer!

The Burberry Beauty Box Experience

During last week's trip to London I couldn't resist a stop-off at the Burberry Beauty Box in Covent Garden. Burberry is one of few beauty brands I have not forayed into, mainly due to the fact it is only stocked in London department stores and online; but word on the street is that the brand is soon to be making an appearance into Boots and Debenhams counters, hurrah! I have one of the Burberry Lip Glow glosses which I adore, so if that was anything to go by, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. So, half an hour and a glass of champagne later, I left one very happy lady with a bag full of new make-up goodies! 

I was greeted by the loveliest make-up artist, Patrice, who was just an absolute babe! My foundation and skin in general that day was looking pretty rubbish so, as I'd heard wonderful things about the Burberry foundation, I was eager to try something new! The wonder woman that is Patrice sat me down and removed all of my cakey make-up and instead left me with a glowy, dewy and flawless base! 

She mixed the Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance with a moisturiser and applied this liberally onto my face, resulting in a beautiful radiant glow. She then went in with the Fresh Glow Foundation, a light to medium coverage foundation which left my skin super glowy and hydrated. Patrice finished off my base with a light dusting of the Nude Powder. I couldn't believe how luminous and flawless my skin looked, considering she hadn't even used any concealer! 

As well as the face products, I picked up one of the new Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Rose Pink, a beautiful muted, natural pink in a satin finish. I also went away with a handful of samples and a yearning for more Burberry make-up! 

The Big Idea

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The 'big idea' for our fragrance campaign is escapism. We want our consumer to defy the conventions of their age by offering them an escape to a life of Parisian chic and luxury. In keeping with the concept of our fragrance originating from the botanical gardens of France, we are keen to use this element within our campaign and have been inspired by the idea of secret gardens with a distinct Parisian flair. We want our campaign to be spirited but still sophisticated by incorporating the notion of Parisian chic, embodied by icons such as Ines de la Fressenage - our ideal consumer. 

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Last week I took a trip to London to visit the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum. I had high expectations for the exhibition and it certainly did not disappoint! 

The exhibition is a retrospective look at the career of one of the greatest and most creative British fashion designers, in my humble opinion. I couldn't believe just quite how big the exhibition itself was and through every door and round every corner there was just more and more to see - I really could have spent all day there. 

Savage Beauty is definitely a multi-sensory experience with each section of the exhibition projecting a different theme, done so through the use of interiors, props, music and lighting, categorising McQueen's collections in terms of inspiration; Victorian, gothic, tribal, oriental, etc. 

The 'Cabinet of Curiosities' section was certainly my favourite, a room of double-height walls full to the brim of McQueen's most infamous work, including his 'Armadillo' shoes and the dress from his Spring/Summer 1999 collection which was spray-painted by robots. The section also features countless screens showing video footage of McQueen's most extravagant and unforgettable shows.

The exhibition even featured the ghostly hologram of Kate Moss used in his 2006 'Windows of Culloden show'. I was completely in awe during the exhibition as it portrayed McQueen as more than just a fashion designer but as an artist, a true creative genius who constantly pushed the boundaries of contemporary fashion and art. 

The showcase of McQueen last collection before his death, 'Plato's Atlantis' was certainly eerie and there was definitely a sense of foreboding, suggesting McQueen was uncertain about the future in more ways than one. Notably, there was actually very little about McQueen himself within the exhibition, other than the odd quote and voice over, however you can gather from his concept driven collections that he was obsessed with there being true creative meaning and inspiration behind each   of his collections, fixated with making the next bigger, better and more poignant than the last; which perhaps resulted in his demise. I wish there had been more about McQueen's life and the individuals who influenced him, such as Isabella Blow, as I believe this would have put his collections into more context, adding more dimension to the exhibition.

Despite this, Savage Beauty is a truly magnificent and unmissable exhibition, celebrating the work of Britain's most ingenious designer and I would highly recommend anyone to go see it!