Brand Voice: Kate Spade

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Kate Spade is a brand which is close to my heart, I adore their products and the whole brand concept and personality. In terms of our fragrance brand, we are at the stage now where we need to really define our brand personality and decide how this will infiltrate into our product and marketing strategies. Kate Spade is a prime example of a brand with a strong sense of character and personality which is retained throughout all aspects of their communication channels, be them online or in store. CMO Mary Beech reinforces this notion as she comments, "We need everyone to tell the Kate Spade story; it can't just come from us." 

The brand had an early presence on Pinterest which is now used far beyond promotion; they use it as a new product development platform. In addition to this, all the brand's social media platforms constantly reinforce the same seasonal focus, whatever it may be for that particular season, giving its consumers a consistent experience. The brand encourages consumers to adopt the 'Kate Spade lifestyle' (which I'm sure all of us would love to be a part of) and does so through the use of quotes and sayings which, not only feature on the products, but also on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and even in stores. The brand has truly defined their voice, "An exuberant approach to the everyday"; but more importantly, manages to maintain it. 

Kate Spade also has a clear understanding of their ideal consumer; 'the Kate Spade girl'. The brand describes their consumer has a young professional living in the city  who is invested in her work. She loves art, entertainment and engaging with fashion. She is culturally curious and is very much a downtown girl with an uptown sensibility. She likes to stand out in the crowd. I love this wall installation in their store which describes the personality traits of their ideal consumer. I think it's such a quirky way to visualise their consumer and brand personality.  

Kate Spade's strategy has certainly provided food for thought and lots of inspiration for defining our own fragrance brand.

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