Fragrance Advertisement Analysis: Feedback

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Last week I was given my marks back for a brief I completed before Easter, which required us to analyse a recent fragrance campaign of our choice, producing a 1, 000 word essay in the style of a magazine editorial. I love essay writing, as it has always been one of my strongest skills, so I really enjoyed this brief in particular. The overall feedback was really positive and I was commended for my articulate and authoritative writing, as well as my strong referencing.

It was also very encouraging to be praised for my software skills, despite having only been introduced to InDesign during the start of my second semester! The layout I designed was praised for its effectiveness and creativity, which was very much on brand for Vogue magazine – the magazine layout that I chose to emulate. 

Areas to improve on was my choice of cultural referencing as I missed out perhaps one of the most obvious being the Julia Roberts ‘Runaway Bride’ film, whoops! I think I was almost trying too hard to find historical references and disregarded those that were blindingly obvious! Had I explored the theme of the “runaway bride” within my essay, this would have added a little more depth as I found most of my references were a little tenuous due to the nature of the Dior advertisement.

It was also commented that I should reconsider the links I made with feminism, which I completely agree with. I focused on feminism within my essay as the director of the advertisement, Anton Corbijn, spoke greatly about this within interviews about the campaign and I thought it would perhaps give my essay a little more substance. On second thought, I should have instead explored the narrative class, control and expectation a little further. However, it is quite difficult to explore all of these themes in such a small word limit.

Following on from my feedback, I shall make the suggested improvements to my essay and attempt to keep the word count down! I shall also be sure to continue my strong style of writing and layout skills, particularly within my forthcoming 3, 000 word promotional plan. 

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