Fragrance Project SWOT Analysis

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Upon our first week back at university after the Easter break we were encouraged to reflect on our fragrance project so far and the progress we have made as a group.

As a group we have always been on the same page in terms of idea generation. We immediately understand each other's ideas and can visualise these succinctly with minimal confusion, which has certainly been a blessing! 

Our concept for our fragrance is for a very niche market and specific consumer, making it difficult to source a model which is definitely our biggest weakness and also a possible threat! 

We now have an added team member! As it was just myself and Emily during the start of the project, our new team member will definitely make things a little easier, allowing for more of a distribution with regard to tasks and more creative ideas and concepts! 

Lack of time - I suppose this one is a little out of our hands to some extent but, particularly with the graphic designers, we felt we didn't have as much time with them as we needed to create innovative and detailed packaging. Timing will remain an issue, particularly during the final stages of our project as we don't have a lot of time in which to complete our photo shoot for our ad campaign and our brand launch presentation, eek! 

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