Brand Launch Presentation: Feedback

Monday, 11 May 2015

Today myself and my team presented our brand launch presentation for our fragrance project. Being the final presentation of the semester, not only was I super nervous, but extremely eager to create a professional and well put together presentation, which ecompassed our brand, and would create a lasting impression. 

Our overall feedback was extremely positive and we were praised for our considered and cohesive presentation layout which remained on brand throughout the entire presentation. The lecturers were also pleased to see our breadth of market research which informed our initial concepts, which we then narrowed down to form our 'big idea'. They also liked how we had justified each creative decision we made which we continually backed with evidence, linking with our initial research and consumer surveys. We were highly praised for our extremely well executed advertisement campaign which was described as both beautiful and professional. 

Areas were we told we could potentially improve on would be the Parisian-inspired element of our fragrance which they thought was perhaps a little unnecessary, or needed fully embedding into the story and heritage of our brand. It was also suggested that we push our idea further as it was said that our video campaign felt a little too typical for our demographic, when we in fact wanted to steer clear from this and convey rather the opposite of typical. 

However, all together I am extremely thrilled with the feedback given and relieved that all the time and hard work (and hours on Powerpoint and Photoshop) has truly paid off! 

Promotional Plan Layout Inspiration

Friday, 8 May 2015

Upon being set our promotional plan brief for our fragrance project this week, I decided to look for inspiration for potential layout ideas. Unlike our fragrance analysis, this brief does not require us to explicitly follow and mimic a specific magazine layout. Instead, our promotional plan leaves room for creative interpretation; to adapt certain layout styles to fit with our fragrance brand. It is also an excuse to go out and by a ton of new magazines and I'm certainly not one to complain about that.

Whilst searching Pinterest for inspiration I came across numerous images from lifestyle magazine, Kinfolk. I love their clean and simple layout which often features double page spreads dedicated to beautifully composed still life shots. This format will be extremely useful to fully showcase our advertisement campaign and our wealth of additional imagery. 

I was also taken by the design and layout of Darling magazine. Each issue has a very different layout structure, dependent on the article theme, but they are always carefully considered and image driven; favouring a more minimal approach much like Kinfolk magazine.

Lifestyle magazines have proven to be the most inspiring sources of inspiration which also coincides with our brand concept of offering women more than just a product, but rather a lifestyle. A more minimal design layout with feminine touches bodes well with our brand as a whole and provides a functional structure for my individual promotional plan.

Follow my board, Lovely Layouts, on Pinterest!
Follow my board, Lovely Layouts, on Pinterest.