First Year Reflection

Friday, 17 July 2015

My first year of university is officially over, how crazy is that? I cannot quite believe where the time has gone. This week saw the results of my final module of FCP, which I can proudly say I passed with a 1st! To bring the academic year to a close, I thought it apt reflect on my FCP journey so far. You may remember my Stop, Start, Continue post from way back in January where I reflected upon my experience of the course so far, setting myself goals and aims to achieve within the next module. Let's see if I did so...

Firstly, I wanted to stop being so hard on myself. I knew this would be a difficult one, I put so much damn pressure on myself; which granted has its both ups and downs. However, I think I have certainly been a little kinder to myself and, instead of comparing myself to others, have celebrated just how much progress in the second module in the space of only a few months. I also wanted to start reading more and look for work experience. The latter was unfortunately not achieved, but I certainly have read more and made my way through the rather hefty reading list! However, my goal for this summer is to find myself some work experience for next semester, fingers crossed! Something which I also wanted to do was take more risks; I believe I did so within this last project considering just how different our brand and product was compared to others.

A priority for me was to also continue blogging, which I can confidently say is something I did. Sprucing up my blog design gave me drive and motivation to blog more regularly, something which I hope to continue throughout the summer and into the next semester. So, to round up the end of the module, our lecturers wanted us to answer a few questions to help make further progress;

Strengths: I believe my strengths is my strong written work and cohesive branding skills, both of which were praised within my recent feedback.

Improvements: Areas that I could improve on would be to make sure my ideas reach their full potential, pushing each one until it is great not good. 

Keeping the Spark Alive: This is an easy one. I am fortunate enough that my main passions and interests in life feed into my degree, therefore it would almost be impossible for me not to retain my interest in the fashion and creative world. I aim on maintaining this by hopefully visiting a few exhibitions this summer. 

Reaching Future Goals: Stay focused, don't be afraid to think big, take risks and welcome each and every opportunity with open arms.